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Support for Schools

We have worked hard to build our reach and reputation for supporting schools who may be facing challenges.

Our aim is always to work collaboratively and involve our partners in finding supportive ways to secure solutions for schools.  When we begin to build a relationship with a school, we work together with them, to spend time evaluating the core issues that are present before forming a shared strategy to move the school forward.  Taking time to understand the delicate issues within an organisation is essential in order to secure a full understanding of the challenges that exist.  It is only when a true and shared understanding is achieved that a plan can be put together and supporting colleagues and consultants can be matched. 

Our solutions will be bespoke to the individual schools as we understand that there is no 'one size fits all'. Once the plan is implemented, close monitoring is an essential part of our work so that we can make swift amendments to the plan when necessary and celebrate the steps of progress at every opportunity. 

Our family of schools are committed to working alongside others.  It is central to our vision and values that we develop deep, meaningful and sustainable collaborations.