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Key Info

The Governance structure for the Trust has been developed to support the effective management and oversight of our Trust as it grows and the culture of our schools.  The Trust Board is accountable to the Secretary of State for all schools within the MAT.  The Board is also responsible for compliance with government and ESFA requirements, company and charity law. 

With these accountabilities and responsibilities sitting at Board level the governance structure allows for the delegation of decisions to the most appropriate body, including the Local Governing Body (LGB) of each school within the MAT.  LGBs are a key part of the governance structure within the Trust and ensure the oversight and connection of each school within the Trust.  LGBs are key to supporting the effective governance of all schools within the MAT and serving their local community.

We operate a structure that is based on three guiding principles:

Collaboration - The Trust Board and the Local Governing Bodies (LGBs) collaborate to ensure effective governance of the Trust as a whole for the benefit of all pupils and staff in our schools

Connectivity - The Trust Board and the LGBs operate to ensure oversight at the appropriate level, with clear lines of communication between the two.  Oversight at the appropriate level is designed to avoid duplication of responsibilities.

Customisation - The governance framework of the Trust is customised to suit the needs of the Trust and the schools within the MAT, be they faith based or community schools, and ensure that governance has the maximum impact at each level for the development of our schools.